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about scott


I’m just a guy that likes to create stuff.

To me, there is no greater joy than being curious about something then figuring out how to do it. I try to fill my life with elements that allow for this creative process.

Exploring art, photography, and the written word fulfill this ever-expanding realm. I’m thoroughly enjoying the process.



Simplified version:

I just love to paint!

Stuffy version:

Something made me pick up a paint brush; it just took me forty years to figure it out.

For decades, I fondly recall being genuinely curious, wondering about my physical surroundings, but wondering without depth and substance. Then something triggered. Suddenly, I began to see, really recognize and appreciate the undeniable, mysterious, and often breathtaking things that surround me each and every day. Passive glances turned to deep observation and contemplation. The rising and setting sun no longer represented bookends to the day but, rather, provided me the opportunity to become acutely aware of how the glorious nuances of light inject beauty to everything it lays upon. Sometimes moody and stark, other times glaring and radiant, I came to fully appreciate all conditions of light with equal marvel.

I could no longer ignore my burning, rapidly-escalating desire to unleash my creative essence. I had to capture those things around me in a way that was my own. It was important to record what I saw and how I interpreted the light. The paint brush came calling. Now, with those tools at my disposal, I finally figured out how to express the latent creativity that I’ve felt for so long. I am no longer held captive; the landscape and those things that occupy its space are my release. I am an Artist.

artist bio

Scott M. Dwyer, b. 1972, Washington D.C.

Scott appreciates the challenge and elation that goes into making a piece of art. To an untrained eye, the tasks are masked by the simplicity and beauty of outcome; to those that study, practice, fail, and persevere, the success represents so much more - it represents the enormity of something bigger that culminates inside of a picture frame.

While considered an artist, Scott understands and respects the other titles he wears with pride. Husband, father, and finance professional quickly come to mind. After graduating with a Bachelor of Finance degree, Scott pursued a career in higher education financial administration and later obtained his MBA. It is clear that throughout his life, the quest for knowledge, acceptance of challenge, and the pursuit of the uncharted have been Scott’s hallmarks. He constantly looks for ways to make himself more educated, well-rounded, and cultural, each in an effort to make his life more meaningful. The journey towards becoming an artist is no exception.

Through competing demands, Scott finds solace in the evenings and weekends that provide precious focused time to devote to his craft. He spends that time in a combination of balanced learning and practice. When not at the easel, his artistic education is focused on a litany of art education books, magazines, and digital media. Well-thumbed books and frequently-viewed educational DVDs are only a few of the resources he uses to learn at his own pace. Those physical assets are augmented with online exploration of other artists’ work, attendance at lectures and demonstrations, and exploring galleries whenever possible. This package of educational opportunities complements his self-guided approach to art education, relying on recognized professionals that are willing to share their experience and knowledge. For any and all of the above, he is eternally grateful.

As much as Scott understands education provides the foundation for understanding, he is keenly aware that true artistic growth mainly happens behind the brush. Principles of composition, value, color, edge, temperature, and texture culminate in Scott’s impressionistic approach. In particular, he is drawn to the use of broken color and how it takes on a more complex and brilliant visual image seen at a slight distance. Through that process, he has come to love the allure of the brushstroke and how different applications create a variety of visual aspects. Through plein air studies and finished studio pieces, Scott’s artwork continues to advance through exploration and practice of technique. He continually strives for artistic growth.

After a childhood spent in suburban Maryland, Scott now resides in Hillsborough, North Carolina with his wife and two sons. Their contact is his most important influence and source of inspiration.

(919) 616-6831 | scott(at)

Scott Dwyer Studio, Hillsborough, NC


the dreamer

This picture was taken in April 2013 on the Monterey Peninsula. I was likely thinking of my mom. She was a dreamer, too.

My wife and I originally scheduled the trip for October 2012; we delayed it due to the progressing illness of my mom, leading up to her passing. Throughout our time together, I connected with my mom on so many different levels. In her later stages of life, at a time when I was mature enough to appreciate it, part of that connection was art. It broke my heart when she was no longer motivated to create; however, I feel incredibly lucky to have items in my house that she hand-crafted. I cherish my memories of her and think of them every time I see something she created. It is my goal to do the same for those I hold dear. Further, I hope my art reaches a similar level to all who view it.

When our boys were infants, their nursery was decorated in the “Imagine” theme of John Lennon. I painted a mural on the wall to match. Recognizing my dreaming state at that time, my wife gave me a print of John Lennon’s self-portrait, memorializing our love of our children. To this day, that song remains a personal favorite. The framed print now resides next to my easel.


So, if nothing else, my wife and I endeavor to teach our kids to tell the truth, be kind, put forth their best effort, value relationships, accept challenges, strive for greatness, and imagine that anything is possible. We want to be living proof of that. My mom certainly was.

Go ahead...Imagine. Dream. There is a dreamer in all of us.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.
— John Lennon