Unexpected Inspiration

Inspiration. Who knows were it will come from. Facebook, even?!? Well, it did for me.

FB Light.jpg

I haven't seen Erica Hyatt in nearly 25 years, but we are Facebook friends. Doesn't that count? Over the course of a few years, I've seen enough of her posts to know she lives in Europe, is now Erica Hyatt Patberg, and has daughters. Then, fairly recently, I found out she painted. And painted WELL! (The one below is an example of this and personal favorite of mine!)

From a few more posts, I learned she always had a creative urge and, just recently, picked up the brush again. Then, just like that, posts of sold paintings, website development, and  international travels to see world-class exhibits absolutely piqued my interest! She was doing exactly what I was thinking, but she put action behind her dreams; mine continued to remain idle.

Recently, though, it all came together for me. With the innocuous inspiration of someone I actually knew that took the risk of promoting her art and herself,  coupled with the urging and unwavering support of my wife, I too took the plunge and put myself "out there". Why not? What was I waiting for? The answers to these questions were not immediate to me; I guess I was waiting for someone to tell me I was good enough to do it. Truth is I needed someone to tell me, prove to me, that it was okay.

I feel fairly certain that one day I would have ended up in a similar place, but I also feel certain that it would not have been so soon without the haphazard digital contact and inspiration of a friend, a few decades in the making.

So, THANK YOU Erica!! While maybe not obvious from prior Facebook activity, and certainly not from any other form of contact over the years, I feel honored and thankful to call you my friend and fellow ARTIST! I look forward to watching you grow and succeed and can't wait to paint together one day.

You can visit Erica's site at: www.ericahyatt.com.