Step inside the place where I am the most focused and creative. All other things subside.

When I walk up the stairs to our finished attic space, I enter a very imaginative domain. All of my other responsibilities and titles are left on the floors below, banished from this place where I become an artist.

I share this space with my wife who makes incredible beaded jewelry. Together, we are allowed to enter a place that is safe, an outlet for creative expression.

To the rear, facing north, is a triple bank of windows, allowing cool daylight to fill the entire room. Our house sits on a hill in our neighborhood, so from the right vantage point, only trees, hills, and the sky are visible through those windows. To augment the natural light and allow for evening and night work, I installed two track lights, each with three LED cool-light bulbs. To help with ventilation and remove fumes from solvents, I put in an exhaust fan to the exterior. With these few modifications, the space was ready.

While it is clear that I use the space to create, I also use it to experiment. As any artist knows, there is a litany of products available, and determining which ones to use is no small task. So, I like to try things out. This goes for paint manufacturers and colors, brushes, knives, surfaces, solvents, mediums, etc. Art stores love me! But, without exploration, I wouldn’t be able to see what works for me.

The button below links to my current supply list. There is nothing extaordinary about it, but it does provide a glimpse into my art world.

So, while I am fond of my studio space, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that the studio of the outdoors is equally as magical. I believe there is a time and place for each and value any time I get to spend in either.